Little Saints Preschool supports families by providing a safe, loving, nurturing, caring and Christian environment while preparing children to be successful life long learners.


Spiritual Development

Children will increase their awareness that each individual child is special and God loves us all. The values of mutual caring, respect, and sensitivity to others will be developed by fostering children’s faith through prayer, song, role modeling, scripture stories, and the celebration of holidays.

Social/Emotional Development

Developmentally appropriate experiences will be provided that will promote responsibility and healthy relationships. We will strive to build each child’s self worth and independence as well as cultivating socialization skills and deepening respect for themselves and others. Children will be guided in acquiring and developing the skills of making choices and solving problems.

Cognitive Development

An environment will be maintained that will enable the children to flourish in the areas of art, music, dramatic play, large and fine motor skills, cognitive skills, language, and sensory skills. As children are learning these skills, they are increasing their ability to concentrate in a larger group activity, participate in discussions, and explore different language and body movements to communicate with peers and adults. This will be accomplished by a curriculum that balances both creativity and structure; thus encouraging children to reason and question, expand their communicative abilities, and strengthen fine and gross motor skills.

How will your child discover and grow at Little Saints Preschool?

Your child will follow a daily schedule filled with planned themed activities that will help them develop in the areas of spiritual, social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development.

Arrival/Table Time

Your child will learn to recognize their written name as well as the written names of their classmates, develop self-care and self-direction skills, and follow classroom rules and routines upon arrival each day. Table time also provides opportunities for your child to play games, build puzzles, string beads, sort, count, classify, and increase their ability to make friends and play in a cooperative manner. During the second half of the school year your child will also have the opportunity to practice writing their name at sign-in, increasing their kindergarten readiness skills.

Welcome Circle Time

Your child will learn about the weather, days of the week, months of the year, colors, shapes, and numbers. They will pray, sing songs, move their bodies to music, listen to stories, and actively participate in conversations. Most of these activities are done on the classroom interactive SMART Board.

Learning Centers

The classroom is divided into learning centers where the children may choose from a variety of activities.

Art Area

Your child will engage and express themselves in painting of all kinds, gluing, cutting, coloring, and working with play dough.

Block Area

Your child will build with a variety of blocks. This area also contains figures of animals, people, cars and trucks for your child to use their imagination with.

Book Area

This is an area where your child can relax and have some quiet time looking through books, or hanging out with some soft and cozy friends. To promote literacy, there are also books available in a variety of other centers throughout the classroom.

Dramatic Play Area

While dramatic play can happen anywhere in the classroom we have a special playhouse area where your child can take care of babies, make dinner, dress up in costumes, and let their imaginations soar! This area is sometimes transformed into a grocery store, veterinarian’s office, ice cream shop etc.

Puzzle/Game Area

Activities in this area are designed to improve hand/eye coordination and build fine motor skills. This area is stocked with puzzles, pegs and pegboards, lacing beads, and preschool appropriate board games.

Sensory Area

The sensory table is a place for your child to explore cause and effect through mediums such as sand, water, shaving cream and a few surprises.

Science/Math Area

Your child will have an opportunity for hands on exploration with magnets, magnifying glasses, and lots of cool things from God’s wonderful world. There will be items for your child to sort, count, and build patterns with.

Writing Area

This area is stocked with paper, pencils, markers, crayons, stickers, and stencils for your child to enjoy.

Small Group

During learning center time, your child will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of both social and educational small group activities. These small group cover a variety of subject areas. (science, math, social studies, religion, art, phonics, and music and movement) This time also provides the preschool teachers the opportunity to get to know your child’s strengths and needs better in a small group setting. (3-5 children)

Middle Circle Time

This time provides us with the opportunity to extend our learning from welcome circle during the middle of they school day. You child will engage in theme and letter/word of the week related activities. Your child will learn about upper case, lower case, and the sounds that the letters make and also expand their knowledge about the weekly theme. (examples: the four seasons or hibernation)

Outside Play

Every day your child will have an opportunity to run, jump, hop, gallop, climb, and burn off some of their endless energy. If the weather isn’t preschool friendly, we have many gross motor activities to do inside (parachute, balance beams, tunnels, and group games, etc.)


Children will pray together, practice self-help skills, and table manners, all while enjoying a healthy snack and conversation with friends

Programs & Tuition

Families choose to have their program match the school year (Sept. – Jun) or year round program (Sept. through Aug.). Little Saints Preschool offers programs for children from 16 months to 5 years old!

All of our preschool programs are NAEYC Accredited.

2024-25 Tuition Rates:

Program Time 1/2 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day
1/2 Day Program 9:00am - 1:00pm (includes snack & lunch) $44/day $49(toddler)
School Day Program 9:00am - 3:30pm (includes lunch & 2 snacks) $130/week $181/week $227/week $254/week
School Day Program (Toddlers) $150/week $204/week $246/week $273/week
Extended Day Program 7:30am - 5:30pm (incudes breakfast, lunch & 2 snacks) $203/week $239/week $299/week $328/week
Extended Day Program (Toddlers) $228/week $265/week $322/week $354/week