We welcome parental involvement and offer many ways for families to get involved at St. Hubert Catholic School.

As a ministry of the larger community of St. Hubert Catholic Parish, St. Hubert Catholic School embraces stewardship in contributing our time, talent, and treasure to the school, and its success depends on the volunteer efforts of the parent and parish community.

Our community thrives with committed volunteers as a chaperone, Art Adventure leader, coach, or event volunteer.

Student life programs are vital to a high-quality St. Hubert Catholic School experience.

Students thrive at St. Hubert Catholic School! Our students are joyful, comfortable yet challenged and participate at in activities designed to help build confidence for optimal learning. We offer a plethora of opportunities for students to discover their gifts and naturally share them with our school community.


Hubot Junior teams will explore a real-world scientific program related to a different theme each year. They will create a Show Me poster that illustrates their research, discovery, and introduces their team. They will also construct a motorized model of what they learned using LEGO elements. In the process, Hubot Junior members learn about teamwork, science and technology, and the FLL Jr. values which include respect, sharing, and critical thinking.


Hubot Robotics Teams research, develop, and compete on three fronts throughout the season. The robot mission allows students to design, build, and program a robot to autonomously complete a series of missions around the theme for the year. A project will be completed to identify a real-world problem, research/develop an innovative solution, and create an entertaining presentation of your work based on the year’s theme. Core values are essential to the process and are judged to allow team members to demonstrate the FLL core values.


Safety Patrol members work in teams throughout the year to assist in the school parking lot in the mornings before school to keep the flow of cars moving safely as students are being dropped off or in the afternoon to prepare the lot for a safe dismissal.


Servers assist the priest during the Sunday and Holy day liturgies as well as the Wednesday school liturgy. This requires training and reverence for what happens during the liturgy.


Students work individually to create a new invention that will benefit someone they know. Students are taught the process of coming up with ideas, verifying that their invention idea doesn’t currently exist, design display boards and make a prototype or working model of their idea.

The evaluation process celebrates students for their creativity, originality, problem solving, and written expression. The St. Hubert Catholic School Fair is an exciting event, honoring the creativity of students in a way they will always remember.

Parents are the thread that weaves together our school.

Parents are involved at a very high level at St. Hubert Catholic School, understanding the value of our community of students, teachers and staff and realizing the wealth of a community united in providing the greatest environment for learning. We all agree that our greatest asset is the common goal of achieving the greatest education for our students.

PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)

The mission of the PTO is to enrich the St. Hubert Catholic School community through hospitality, social events, educational enrichment, and fundraising efforts. St. Hubert Catholic School families are a passionate and invested group that strive to provide the most well-rounded educational and community experience. The PTO’s most important objective is to ensure and support the success of St. Hubert Catholic School students and staff. In addition PTO aims to:

• Grow and foster community
• Encourage volunteer efforts supporting school events
• Develop and expand vendor-based fundraising programs
• Establish new and creative ways to approach classic school events


The mission of the school advisory council is to create an environment that enables the parents and faculty of the St. Hubert Catholic School community to provide a sound, quality education in a Catholic setting for all students.

The school advisory council’s main role is to advise and support the administration on broad issues that impact students, parents or faculty. The Council reviews and evaluates policies and potential policies and provides feedback as appropriate as well as to establish long and short term goals and objectives for St. Hubert Catholic School.

Thank you for making our school such a special place for students and staff!


There are many different opportunities to volunteer at St. Hubert Catholic School. There are positions in all grades, on all days, at all times ~ there is something for everyone!

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All volunteers must complete a background check and attend a Virtus Training session before volunteering at St. Hubert Catholic School.

Please visit Virtus Online to view ALL Virtus sessions available in the archdiocese and for more information regarding Virtus training.

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